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Nine the Mouse Comforter by Moulin Roty

Moulin Roty


This little mouse comforter is quick to become a baby favourite. Moulin Roty is known for it's exquisite design and beautiful use of fabrics, they have a real understanding of newborns and how they explore with their hands and enjoy feeling different textures. Plus it's a great sleep signaller as babies love to fall asleep feeling the super soft fabric on their cheeks.
ABOUT the Brand 
Amazing things happen when communitys come together. And for Moulin Roty which is still today run as a co-op, it was 1972 when a group of friends decided to move into a run down mill and make toys. They were idealistic French hippies for whom quality has always mattered. No attention is spared; diverse, sumptuous fabrics and details draw children in to the narratives of Moulin Roty. Each toy belongs to an imaginary universe carefully crafted by some of the worlds best artisans and illustrators, including the reknown comic strip writer Herv Tanquerelle.
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