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Organic Star Plush Heater Toy for Babies by Nanchen



This gorgeous star has a surprise inside. A spelt filled pouch that can be heated for cosy warmth, like a hot water bottle. Or you can also place this gorgeous plush toy in the freezer for baby booboos. Soothing either way. 

The spelt pouch adjusts to every movement and body part. It absorbs moisture while spelt husks store heat and distributes it evenly. Spelt husks are hypoallergenic so it is suitable for many allergy sufferers.

Made by hang out of organic terry

Measure 15cm (6 inches) 

Instructions for use:

Heat in microwave for one minute


5-10 minutes in the Oven at 100 degrees.

Or keep in freezer for when your little one hurts themselves, you can apply a better alternative to ice. 


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