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Paloma Paintbrush Dress

Peas & Queues

£34.00 £49.00


ABOUT the product

Think sandals, holiday, the Riviera.. the amazing colours and print on this skirt will transport you to a place with lots of free time, sun, beaches and seafood. And if it came in an adult size, I would wear it and I know it would make me feel like dancing. 

Looks so cute on little girls and can be paired with lots of different colours, from pink, to white, to orange to purple... most tees would look good. Or try the Sabine Top in cherry for a perfect party outfit!

ABOUT the designer

I want that in my size is this designer's goal. Already Little Citizens Boutique customers have been overhead saying those exact words! Started by fashion industry veteran and mother Anasuya Engel, Peas and Queues was born out of the desire to create a simple well-made and fashion forward clothing line for little ones. Peas and Queues is committed to making a product that uses only the best quality natural fabrics, and most importantly is constructed by only the local workforce or fair trade producers. Feeling it is her responsibility to help bring beauty to this world, without sacrificing the qualities of the lives of those who manufacture it.



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