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Roplajon Ringlet Dress

Dis Une Couleur

£22.00 £39.00

ABOUT the product 
I am so taken by this dress that I bought one for my daughter and I love cuddling with her even more when she is wearing it. The terry is so soft and cosy and it looks adorable on little girls. Slightly sporty but decisively for girls, their knobby knees peeping out and saying hello. This is a super dress in Dis Une Couleur's inimitable style and gorgeous organic standards.

ABOUT the designers 
People say all that these colors bring happiness, This is actually true, and they also tell a story! At the very first days of Baby Coco, his mother and aunts offered him very colorful, but old, clothes. When it came to introduce the baby to the posh neighborhood, his parents decided to buy new clothes with a more conventional sweet tone but uncolored to be in line with the actual fashion. Yes, Baby Coco was indeed extremely chic with his new clothes, but at the same time, he did not seem to enjoy them at all; he was missing his life in colors! This is why his mother and aunts decided to solve this disaster and created a complete set of new trendy clothes, in the good old-way, made of smooth and natural row materials, with life full colors!
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