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Gouaches Watercolours - Set of 36



In inimitable Djeco style these Gouaches Watercolours are superb quality. They don't crack or dry out. They last even under the pressures of hard wearing toddlers. Around my house they've become really popular, because they are quick to set up, you just pour a cup of water, pull a piece of paper out and presto. Unlike other paints, they make so little mess and as they are water based they don't stain. Plus the colours are Ah-mazing! Comes with a good quality brush.

ABOUT the brand

Djeco is one of our all time favourite brands, our life as children would have been enhanced 100 fold had we laid our paws on their art kits. For any child who likes to colour and make things, Djeco has a gorgeous array of activities, from puzzles to gel pastels to clay modeling. The supplies are top quality, the presentation gorgeous and the instructions clear and easy. 

What really stands out though is the games and creatures they invent. Their use of colour and design is stellar. Their mobiles are a MUST see. They employ some of the world's top artists and illustrators. Even crediting them on the box. When have you ever heard of a designer getting a credit for their art?

Their love for craft, childhood and beautiful things shines through and makes this brand really singular.

We highly recommend a visit to their award-winning website, it's so imaginative, full of music and games for kids. 


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