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Stockholm Lamp, Electric Mix & Plug Set

Micki Lundby


The Lamp, Electric Mix & Plug Set is a collection of miniature furnishings that go with the Stockholm Dollhouse.

In this set you get an amazing supply of modern lamps that plug into the house's electrical system. You also get the Electric Mix to help you customise the lighting. It's easy to connect everything to the electric lead and into a wall socket. Then watch this gorgeous house light up!

The lead is a UK socket but can be adapted to various electricities around the world. Kindly get in contact if you have any questions. 

ABOUT the designer

Lundby is a doll house manufacturer with a cult like following and you can see why. They're collectable that hold their value or increase in value over time. They've been making houses since 1945. The first one was made for one very lucky niece. The houses went on to adapt with the times, they became the first to incorporate electricity. Today lighting one of these babies up is pure magic! The Stockholm house was beautifully designed by architects Swedish design firm Box DesignEven the artwork on the wall is not half hazard, it's a collaboration with the wonderful Swedish artist Lisa Rinnevuo. Lundby believe that play is in the details and that durability and quality are essential. Their testers: children of course!


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