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Sweetheart Dolls - Babies

Sweetheart Dolls

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Oooh so sweet, we love the way these Sweetheart Dolls come in various colours. These retro replicas bring great memories back. Just can't figure out which one our favourite is!

Collect all five of these charming and timeless dolls - where past meets present. They embody a hint of nostalgia, delicate features that appeal to babies, bigger kids and parents alike. Their big dreamy manga eyes are mesmerising and each character has its own identity, outfit, hair and eye colour:

Lovingly tested to ensure they are safe from birth. 

18cm (7 inches) x 11cm (4.3 inches)


Designed by Eva Newton, each doll is handmade, with love, in Spain. The creation of the Sweetheart Dolls is a sweet family affair. The face is modelled after the designer's daughter Eden, and it is based on a doll Eva had when she was little. Eva's mum designed the logos. 



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