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The High Street - Lift the flap book

TATE Publishing


ABOUT the product

A Persian rug, a stripy jug, a cherry tart, a candy heart...

Follow Sally's journey down the High Street as she shops for the items on her list. Each page introduces a new store, a bakery, a hardware store, an antique store, the fruit and vegetable store... and when you lift the flap, you get a peep inside the shop.  Each shop is intricately depicted in its illustration from the shop keepers to their workshops upstairs, like chocolate bombom machine, making it a joy for parents and kids to pour over every detail. 

The High Street is beautiful and notable, like all TATE books, for its High production values. It's a celebration of the fine art of craftsmanship and township. This is a real tribute to the high street (or main street in the States). 

It's also a book that encourages creative thinking and children's interaction. Good for your memory, Sally has a list so what does she need to get? And building logic, what shops carry which items?

Hard bound book, measures 17.6 cm (6.9 inches) x 26.5 cm (10.4 inches) and has 52 pages

ABOUT the designer

Alice Melvin is an illustrator and designer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work is inspired by her love of paper, print and decorative arts. Animals, birds, pattern and text occur frequently in her work along with the odd teapot as well. Integral to a lot of her work is the making process and she loves working on products with an interactive element such as the ‘cut out and make’ cards and kits she has designed.

Part of this Art powerhouse is TATE Publishing, considered by one of the world’s leading publishers on the visual arts. They aim to bring the best new writing on art and the highest quality reproductions to the widest possible range of readers.

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