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When I Was Born - Book by Isabel Minhós Martins

TATE Publishing

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ABOUT the product

If a baby could talk it might tell you all it saw in its mummy's belly was black, but that it heard voices and sometimes music. When I Was Born is an imaginative and playful book that looks at the world through a baby's eyes, completely reinvigorating our lust for the everyday. The authors manage to reposition the way we see things everyday and gain new appreciation for, simply put, life. Celebrating poetry and philosophy, it's a pleasure to share this books with the people we love. 

Hard bound book, 32 pages of imaginative illustrations. Recommended for children 0-100 years of age! First we delight in the pictures and then in the text.

ABOUT the designer

Isabel Minhós Martins is a well-loved award-winning Portuguese illustrator. 

Part of the Art powerhouse is TATE Publishing, considered by one of the world’s leading publishers on the visual arts. They aim to bring the best new writing on art and the highest quality reproductions to the widest possible range of readers and their children section is imaginative and fun. Books that entertain parents and kids alike. 


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