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How will you remember Christmas?

posted on January 10 2014

A couple of images pop to mind.

1- The tree at its fullest--- my favourite memory of the season is when on Christmas Eve the bulge of wrapped presents is at its fullest and it spills out from under the tree. Despite Anna Wintour's best efforts to trendify the no-tree look! A bunch of shopping bags on the floor eludes no way near the same amount of suspense.

And 2- I try to make this a rule at my house, don't pick up the wrapping paper until everyone is done. I love the delightful mess of shiny ribbon and decorate paper strewn across the floor.

Click, click, those two images are in my head forever. 

Having small children is like rediscovering Christmas and it's an opportunity to start your own traditions. Problem is not everyone will agree. My husband wanted Santa to deliver more presents, he remembers getting entire bags full. Until he caught his dad stumbling in the middle of the night!

I love seeing the presents in use. Which ones become favourites and the joy your kids get from playing with them. My friend Emma sent me this adorable picture of her kids after they had spent a few hours working on the Djeco kits they got from Santa. Yup Santa's got us on speed dial ;-)



The way I like to think of Christmas is kind of summed up in this amazing Silly Symphony by Disney. I highly recommend next time your kids ask about Santa you cuddle up on a couch somewhere and press play. 



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