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How to Make a Bean Pole Teepee - Garden Activity

posted on May 04 2016

Loving the simple nature of this gorgeous pea pod teepee. It's easy to make and looks fantastic through all the stages, bare boned when the bamboo sticks are up and then it really comes into it's own as the bean's sprout and climb, creating a living wall. Meanwhile inside there's always a little nook to use as a play area, a a fort or a reading nook.

How to make a Bean Pole Teepee instructions at Artful Parent

Plus harvest the beans only takes about 60 days and if you keep picking them the plants will continue to produce. Eating and playing all in one.

This amazing instructional is via the Artful Parent blog. If you are not familiar with it you must, must, must pay it a visit. SO many inspiring activities to do as a family. 

How to make a Bean Pole Teepee instructions at Artful Parent via Little Citizens Boutique

Bean Pole Teepee here we come. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, that's what the instructions for this bean pole teepee sound like. Ask me when I am finished!

And if you don't have the garden or the time. Here's a couple children's play teepees from our store that although not edible are totally shoppable and gorgeous. 

Nathalie Lete Teepee for sale at Little Citizens BoutiquePopipop Moulin Roty Teepee for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

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  • Alicia Peyrano: September 29, 2016

    Aww your mum sounds like a special lady Saani!!

  • Saani Bennetts: September 27, 2016

    Gorgeous. My mum made me one of these when I was young except with peas. I loved to sit in it and eat the ripe peas. The fabric ones are cute too and fun for indoors.

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