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A Good Toy is 90 Per Cent Child and 10 Per Cent Toy

posted on May 18 2016

A Good Toy is 90 Per Cent Child and 10 Per Cent Toy

Have you heard this before? I don't know who coined it, possibly the wonderful people are The Alliance for Childhood. You wouldn't think it if you were walking down the aisles of a mainstream toy store, but I am sure it's a concept that's occurred to more than one organisation or person because it makes total sense.

And now there is a study to prove it. Published in the peer reviewed journal, JAMA Pediatrics studied the effect of various kinds of toys on baby's development. What they discovered is that to promote early language development, play with electronic toys should be discouraged. That traditional toys and book reading are much more effective.


The Best Toys are 90% Child and 10% Toy

Shop for 1. Shopkeepers Stall, £52. 2. Popipop Teepee, £154. 3. Bunny & Mouse Wardrobe, £55. 4. Digger, £28. 5. Musical Tins, £14.50. 6. Sound Machine, £8.50. 7. A4 Lightbox, £32. 8. Baby Lapin Light, £70. 9. Guitar, £25. 10. Bike Plane, £6.50.

We base the decisions we make at Little Citizens on this concept, seeking out products that inspire a child to interact and imagine and play. For this to happen the child has to bring their own thoughts about cause and effect or even storytelling to the table.. that's 90 per cent child.

Lots of toys on the market have bells, whistles, batteries, lights and noises. They are like loud obnoxious clubs, overstimulating this fresh little being that is completely new to the world. That's 90 per cent toy. 

Watch the effect this has on a baby, their interactions will be punctuated by short bursts and frustration. Maybe it's because sometimes as parents we think we need toys to babysit our kids (ten more minutes so we can finish an e-mail), that keep them entertained or absorbed. This is the wrong kind of toy.

We should be looking for toys that make us want to play together. A good toy can become a tool for exercising our thoughts and creativity and the child will become engrossed in the story of this kind of play. With the added bonus that we're sharing a moment and getting to know each other in completely new ways.

And there's a reward, sitting and playing means you are showing by example how a curious thought can be rewarded with a joke, a story or a challenge. Soon you'll watch your little ones doing the same thing on their own. And if and when the play dries up, mommy I am bored. Don't say much just sit and show them how you play.. soon enough they'll  be right beside you working on a taller tower.

Here's an example of toys we recommend for open ended play. Because these are toys that bring 10% to the table, they are also toys that will help develop your child through so many stages. These are toys that last and will grow with them.


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