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Say Hello to Your Inner Artist

posted on May 24 2016

Love Imperfections & Defend the Freedom to Explore


I remember an anecdote, someone walked into a room full of five year olds and asked who can dance? And they all raised their hands and wiggled in their seats. Then they asked who can draw? and they all raised their hands again and wiggled in their seats.

Now ask that same question in a roomful of adults and count how many hands go up. Adults are too judgemental about their own ability.

How can we keep that sense of excitement and bravery well into adulthood? So what if we're not the best, can't we enjoy messing about? What's wrong with mastering in an imperfect way? We are our own worst critic.

So when I read "Realism is overrated" I was like Yes, Yes, Yes!

In this great article by one of the wisest bloggers I know The Artful Parent-- Jean argues that "Believing that you can draw as well as enjoying the act of drawing are as important – no, MORE important – than technical drawing skills." AND we at LCB totally, entirely agree. Because the last thing we want to hear is a child or even an adult say, "I can't draw". Enjoy the process, give it a go and don't pass judgement. This way you will be learning to love imperfections while defending the freedom to explore. You never know what you might find. Excitement? Wiggling? Fun? 

Little girl shows off her artwork!

Artful Parent Blog about raising self confident little artists.

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  • Catherine: May 30, 2016

    Ahhh! Yet another example of how knowing and nurturing ourselves teaches our kids about their own inner worth. Bravo!

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