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MEET the ILLUSTRATOR -Mariko Aruga

posted on June 03 2016

She loves our art supplies! 

When we discovered this amazing illustrator was buying art supplies from Little Citizens to use in her work we knew we had to talk. Mariko told us what she looks for in supplies, how much she loves the vivid colour palettes and how yes they are definitely good enough to use in illustration and graphic design. Beat that Crayola! Enjoy this little collage we made of her work.

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Meet the Illustrator Mariko Aruga an exclusive interview and images of her work at Little Citizens Boutique

We interview Mariko Aruga the illustrator artist who loves Djeco Art Supplies

Djeco Gouaches paints for sale at Little Citizens Boutique

Mariko and family using Djeco Gouaches Paints

Here's Mariko's daughter using Djeco Gouaches Paints.

Thank you Mariko for sharing your thoughts, your work and you family picture with us! Can't wait to watch your career develop. Mariko's website can be found here.


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1 comment

  • Sam Locker: July 22, 2016

    Her work is so cute. I love discovering illustrators and artists on your site!

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