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Animal Ear Envelopes - DIY with kids

posted on February 19 2014

Every now and then a picture we come across on the internet mobilises us into action. This SW-eeet idea comes from the land of kid craft extraordinaire, Merrilee Liddiard's amazing Mermag blog. Thank you Merrilee for sharing and inspiring a really fun activity. Zulema's birthday is coming up and so we decided to give the envelopes a little flair.

We just couldn't resist, it's too cute plus totally doable with little ones. Mine loved cutting the ears, drawing the eyes, gluing the nose--- we got some upside down and others backside right but it made it all the more funny. And I really enjoyed not having too many rules. Then when it was way past her bedtime and she went to sleep, I finished them off with some whiskers and she was pretty mad at me about that! "I wanted to do the whiskers!".

Total bonus for Zulema's little friends was a couple of surprise sweeties tucked away in the envelope.

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