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Backing a Creative Hands On Language programme for kids!

posted on April 15 2014

Imagine a language programme developed by a pair of really great designers who's ideas and play things blow your mind. They live in Morocco and speak French, Spanish and Arabic to their children so they know a thing or two about languages.

This is what Moulay Essakalli and Julie Klear of Zid Zid Kids and now Petit Zarafa have done. They are developing play based hands on activities in different languages, add Chinese to the ones they speak at home. When you become a member to their online site, you get access to all kinds of craft, cooking and game activities. Learn a language while you make a Giraffe mask in French with your child, we couldn't think of a more stimulating way to be exposed to new languages and to compliment our efforts at home. 

Bringing up a child with more than one language is not easy, it requires a lot of commitment and effort. I speak to Zulema in Spanish and mostly she replies to me in English. That's what she hears everywhere around her. I cannot wait until they launch and we can play in other languages together. I know it's going to be a great tool.

Little Citizens is backing Petit Zarafa. If you want to raise a bilingual child or a multilingual child, get in on this great project early and help them raise their seed funding. Check out the Petit Zarafa profile on Indiegogo. And let's get this project going! Si? Si.


Welcome to Petit Zarafa! from Petit Zarafa on Vimeo.

"Children can learn almost anything if they are dancing, tasting, touching, seeing and feeling information." Drydon, G. & Vos, J. (1997) The Learning Revolution 

When a child is playing, it is the perfect time to learn. Development of fine and gross motor skills, intellectual development as well as imagination, creativity, self-esteem and independence allows a child to create a deep connection with the world.

To help a child learn vocabulary in multiple languages, we structure hands-on activities within a context of play, making it fun for the child to think about, talk about, apply, and play with new words.  Children need to learn words playing, not as stand alone words that come and go. 


Recent scientific research shows that children who speak two or more languages have multiple advantages:

  1. They become smarter
  2. They build multitasking skills
  3. They make strong emotional ties with their parents
  4. They are socially more insightful

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