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See us offline - Xmas POPUP

posted on January 22 2015

For the last two months we've been popping up in Holywood at 93 High Street, next door to the post office, across from Cafe Nero and Little Wing, you couldn't ask for a better location, it was fantastic.

We set up this brick and mortar store because we wanted to bring our toys and gifts to our neighbourhood in Northern Ireland, just in time for Christmas. It's been amazing, so lovely to meet our customers and friends offline and super busy in the run up to Santa's arrival. Luckily, you know, we've got him on speed dial.

I think customer's sometimes appreciate handling toys and seeing what their kids gravitate to. One well spoken customer said she loved the shop experience because certain items on the shelf would wink at her. How lovely is that?

We're moving to a new surprise location at the end of January but until then come visit if you are nearby. We're offering 20% off everything, in store only. Sorry digital peeps but don't worry we send out discounts via our newsletter so make sure you are a subscriber--> top right. 

Turns out POPUPS are great even if they are a lot of work, a little more like an event, they are a rewarding way to connect with our customers. So if you have an idea for a perfect place for Little Citizens to popup, anywhere from here to Timbuktu (seriously), pitch it to us here. We're looking for offline partners around the world.

We hope to be popping up soon at a location near you!

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