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The year of the POM POM

posted on August 15 2015

Furry and full of colour, textured, simple to make.. a reminder of our happiest memories as children. What does the popularity of the POM POM symbolise? What does it owe to the Maker Movement? Is it part of the throw back trend? Could it have anything to do with the maker movement, the need for layers, love of individuality, make your own, relaxed accessorising? Could we go so far as to say that the POM POM is a sign of what The Guardian has called the end of Capitalism? All we can be 100 per cent sure of is that POM POMS are cool and so are bows. We are enjoying the light hearted joy of decorating with a small individual touch, here and there. So go on shop the trend to your hearts content, here's our special POM POM and BOW edit.


For even more inspiration, join us on Pinterest where we're working on a board that has some of the most fabulous how tos and fashion photography (like the picture above from Harpers Bazaar, cool huh?) all pom pom related.


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