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Nathalie Lete's Creativity in Toys and Interiors

posted on November 26 2015

We're so grateful to all the creatives in the world for bringing us their original view on things. Thankful for talent and ability to produce, to put beautiful things out and to create. Beauty is all about contributing for the good, trying to help fix, bridge ideas, mend souls, acknowledge the past and move forward. Bringing joy to people. We only live once and it absolutely speeds by, so while we're here let's make the best of it. It's not just a choice actually it's also the antidote to all that's hard, sad and unfair in the world and there is a lot of that. So thank you to the designers, artists and illustrators who bring us the most wonderful joyous creations. Things that didn't exist not until they came around. Let's celebrate their mark on their world and let them inspire us to make our own. 

Nathalie Lete has an inimitable painting style, inspired in a bygone era, with lots of references to vintage toys and iconic imagery, her images feel strangely familiar, slightly nostalgic but almost as if your own memories have put through a sieve of beauty and sensibility capable of expressing the inexpressible. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Nathalie Lete Toys are filled with imagination, creativity and artistry

1. A child's first piano in wood, £64 2. Marching drum with a lovely sound, £25 3. Five in one classic boardgame, £39. 4. and 5. Nesting art boxes lovely and perfect for organising supplies, £25 6. Decorative guitar toy to learn to strum, £25 7. Musical boxes, play them at different speeds to affect the tune, it's totally mesmerising, £14.50 8. Get ready for the show with this puppet trifold theatre, £119 9. We love the tray and spoons in this Chinese tin tea set in valise, £36.

Read our exclusive interview with Nathalie here.



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