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The 21 Best Gender Neutral Toys

posted on February 24 2016

What exactly is a gender neutral toy?

If the subject comes up, we tell the kids around here that there is no such thing as a girl toy or a boy toy, there are only toys. 

Most of the time at Little Citizens we don't even mention gender when it comes to toys. Because we believe both girls and boys can find play in most things including toilet paper, sofas, pots and pans.

We go out of our way to pick toys on whether they look great and inspire play. Often we avoid pink because well it feels a bit like a fad. So to consider whether a building toy is for boys and a doll is for girls, seems ludicrous to us.

But recently --read below for the whole story-- we thought it might be a good idea to highlight why it's important to introduce kid's to all different kind's of toys from early on.  

Here is a list of 21 fabulous gender neutral toys that will help you and your kids bypass stereotypes in favour of pure exploratory and fun play. 

 The 21 Best Gender Neutral Toys

1. Wizard Owl Puppet, £25 (USD $37.50) so much detail and so much imagination, we are certain this puppet has magic powers.

2. Wishbone Three in One Bike's, £190 (USD $285) is as practical as it is striking, teaching your kid's balance with this number is pure pleasure.

3. Here's an instant favourite with kids of all ages, the kinetic movements of the ball and the slides make the coolest sound. Tac Boum Pom Wooden Tree by Djeco, £48 (USD $72)

4. Simple play is the most wondrous, play with this Kite, £7.50 (USD11.75)  in the wind and enjoy the simple pleasure. Beautifully packaged by Moulin Roty.

5. We love the new take on this classic, a Lion in a Box £28 (USD $42) that never ceases to surprise. 

6. A professional Patisserie Baking Kit, £62 (USD $93) so elegant and complete, a lovely inspiration for a budding chef. 

7. This Animambo Harmonica by Djeco, £6.50 (USD $9.75) is a collaboration with the amazing people at Putumayo music. The item comes with two free song downloads, then listen for the sound of the harmonica and play along. Bliss.

8. This Picnic Basket by Djeco, £36 (USD $54) is a dream and we love that it's not pink!

9. Pretend Coffee Machine by Djeco, £29 (USD $44.50) Like father like son, kid's love to pretend and are great little mirrors of adult life. Coffee anyone?

10. My First Drum Set, £48 (USD $72) a Vilac gem of a toy with great sound too.

11. Build a Wooden Chalet, £64 (USD $96) with interlocking wooden logs. Love the maths and construction skills in this one.

12. We love this set of Badmington Rackets,with rainbow coloured strings, £7 (USD10.50)

13. This is THE perfect Teddy Bear, £32 (USD $47) bring this little guy to your next teddy bear picnic. This little guy is sure to be a favourite of both boys and girls. 

14. Loveable Beep Beep Cars, £6 (USD $9) also a favourite, love the neutral colours and the lady driver! Yea women make great drivers.

15. Get those boys helping in the kitchen with this gorgeous Moulin Roty Oven, £140 (USD $210). Designed to become an instant classic, an elegant furniture piece.

16. Magna Tiles, £38 (USD $57) allow for all kind's of construction projects and entertain kiddies as young as three and as old as 100.

17. Retro TV Sets, £4 (USD $6) allow you to click through a picture movie in Moulin Roty's inimitable illustrative style.

18. A large and  £154 (USD $225) that will enchant boys and girls alike, we love it in Red and with Moulin Roty's exquisite textiles. It's a total delight.

19. Pippi Longstocking Figurines, £14 (USD $21) are the best inspiration for girl and boy power. Because her mischief is truly transcendental. 

20. Viewer Master by Moulin Roty, £18.50 (USD $27) learn to read a story through images. This retro revival toy is pure magic. 

21. A Doctor's Office to bring your dolls to! This Doctor's Kit, £24 (USD $36) will capture the carer in girls and boys. Who doesn't want to help someone else heal? 



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