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How this toolbox changed my life

posted on September 22 2013

The fabulous Francesca Hool brought her adorable brother Justin into our showroom yesterday. Aside from being swept off our feet by his good looks, charm and youth (he's a sweet 19!) he disarmed us with his passion for the Moulin Roty Toolbox. He grew up with the same one. Actually he still has it. He attributes this kit with, um, changing his life. We challenged him on this and he said he once fixed a wonky table with it. Lol.

Joking aside he says, it could be credited with saving him lots of money now that he can do a lot of DIY himself. Important life skills now that he's a Law Student at University of Surrey and living away from home in Guildford, UK. 


Wishing you the best of luck Justin and may you take the spirit of the toolbox with you!

Moulin Roty

My First Wooden Toolbox

€49.73 EUR, £42 GBP, $67 USD

Buy it here.


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