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The creatives come out at Halloween!

posted on October 31 2013

Ever look at a building or a row of houses and wonder what people are doing in there? Some lights on and some lights off.. Well now I know, they're preparing for Halloween!


This year I was blown away with some of the creativity I saw around me. Amazing tableau's of horror. One memorable site was at a park near me, an ominous upside down figure hanging high up in a tree. Its red shiny cape was blowing in the air, and a fabulous monster face and creepy hand peaking out as if it was coming towards you. A demon spirit of sorts that made me quiver and laugh at the same time. Halloween. Perfect. I thought. 



I nonchalantly walked into my daughter's school with the most basic carved pumpkin you could ask for. Still I was proud. I stopped dead in my tracks because the hall was filled with the most amazing pieces of pumpkin art I have ever seen. And I am talking pumpkins that would win world competitions, if there were any. Maybe there are. 


Spot the pumpkin kid, the mini uniform is hand-made! It's jaw dropping good.


Another major source of inspiration was this video recipe, it's a how to make witches fingers recipe but it's also one of the most stylish animations I've ever seen. Looove the bloody almond nails. Please click because it needs to be seen to be believed: 



H a x p y  H a l l o z e e n 


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