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Award Winning Toys by Patrick Ryland

posted on November 07 2016

With all the technology placed in children's hands today, there's less time for simple, classic toys that stimulate imagination. Toys from pervious generations have been replaced by tablets, smart tvs and portable games consoles...and that's a shame.

But there's a renewed interest in simple toys like the ones Patrick Ryland made famous. Ryland was chief designer at Ambi Toys for more than 30 years, and designed toys in the 60s, 70s and 80s that some of our readers might recognise.

In 1970, Rylands won the Duke of Edinburgh prize, awarded to the designer of a product "distinguished by its elegance". The judges particularly singled out the abstract qualities of these Bird and Fish toys, "which encourage children to use their imagination and introduce them to ideas of structure, form, colour and balance". 

Ryland took a very meticulous design approach to creating his toys, drawing the specifications out by hand like the rocking horse example below.

He's responsible for some of the most-loved baby and toddler toys and it seems his work is beginning to be properly appreciated again. There's even rumours that his toys will soon make a comeback...We hope so! Click here to browse the current Ambi collection on our website.




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