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Adorable Baby Gifts in Blue for Boys and Girls

posted on August 12 2017


Welcome a little boy into the world with blue or pink or whatever your favourite colour is.

Because at Little Citizens colours don't have sex, you can read about our ideas on gender neutral toys in an article we wrote called What if Boys Love Dolls here.

What's most important is choosing something that you love and raising little Citizens to be open minded through lots and lots of love.

The joy a little one brings into the world eclipses everything else, like when the lady I had seen for years in the post office spoke her first words to me to ask about my baby. New life connects us all, enjoy the journey while you shop our edits for adorable ways to say welcome little one. 

Blue edit of toys for newborn baby boys and girls

1. Grasping Toy Rainbow Bead Ring by Grimm's - £10

These wooden, colourful  beads are a great sensory toy for little babies. Gorgeous textured wood feels great in little hands. Babies discover so much of the rowlrd through their fingers, give something sumptuous to hold onto.

2. Sky Blue 4oz Baby Bottle by Life Factory - £16.50

This sky blue bottle is a completely safe way to ween your baby through their eating stages. The thermal- shock resistant borosilicate glass allows it to go from hot to cold (sterilising and refrigeration) without breaking. 

3. Miffy Denim Plush Toy By Nigntje - £19

Our cuddly Miffy toy is a great soother for new borns and babies. He's just the right size for a cuddle and has soft textures and a sweet gentle rattle sound. 

4. Soft Blue Blanket by DouDou - £12

This blanket is seriously so soft! A beautiful addition to any home, you will love wrapping up your little one in this gentle fluffy fabric.

5. New Born Baby Card in Blue by Meri Meri - £4

This card doesn't mess about. Decorated with beautiful and bold felt cut outs its a supreme way to show a new mother you care. 

6. Panda Postcard by Rebecca Jones - £1

Want to help someone celebrate overseas? this postcard is perfect to show relatives and friends all over the world you are thinking about them and their new bundle of joy. 

7. Dwarf Dolls of the Rainbow by Grimm's - £6.50

These dolls are safe from birth and have a beautiful and simple texture that babies and little ones love. The hard thing is having to pick which colour. 

8. Fluffy Blue Baby Slippers by Moulin Roty - £16.50

Fluffy slippers are just the best. Keep your little one's toes nice and toasty and enjoy dressing them up in little outfits and ready for the outdoors. 



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