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Curious Parenting Weekly Digest IV

posted on April 06 2017


Parenting articles to inform, inspire and make you laugh


1. Mom of 4 Showed What Childhood Is Like Without TV and Gadgets

Niki Boon shows us how to have fun without technology through her childrens portrait photography

Niki Boon moved from Scotland to rural New Zealand. With hopes to raise her family away from technology. As a keen photographer, her children's interaction with nature became her main inspiration for her latest photo series titled "Childhood in the Raw." It might be hard to grasp the concept of living without technology, but theres something very simple and relaxed about her photo series that might make you want to ditch your mobile. At least for a weekend!


2. Why Typical Preschool Crafts Are a Total Waste of Time

childrens craft ideas aren't for the kids

I love love love this article. Erika Christakis professor of Early Childhood Education at Yale University, recently published the NY Times Bestseller, The Importance of Being Little. In the book she devotes a whole chapter to bad kid art: the cotton-ball snowman, the paper-plate Easter bunny, even the perennial classic Thanksgiving hand-turkey. Namely because these are about an outcome and not about the process. Love this thinking, feel like we all have so much to learn here.


3. A very brave way to prevent bullying, chose your kids friends and not in the way that you think

Mother teaches daughter how to treat other children

This mom is my hero-- she noticed that her daughter had loads of friends in school but she also noticed a little girl who was being left out. She decided to get involved. Explaining to her daughter that she should get to know the little girl. When her daughter refused, she said she wouldn't drive her into school until she promised to find our three cool things about the little girl who was being left out. This forced a conversation between the two girls and eventually they became dear friends. Its a great read for anyone on how to raise kids with confidence but also compassion. We all need to teach our children not to bully but also how to help others from being bullied. 


4. Make your kids go WOW! Watch this with your little ones.

I think Plant Earth is a program that captures people of all ages, young and old, boys and girls. I think its how well each story is told and how captivating it can be. Its one of the few programs my daughter and I will watch together that isn't animated. This trailer is all about the magic of the natural world, I promise if you show it to your little one you will hear them say Wow.


5. Barefoot and breastfeeding at Five, how raising her kids free range makes this mum very happy.

what is free range parenting? Raising kids naturally and without discipline.

Meet a family in Brighton who are raising their children free of medicine, disciplines or rules. It's always so interesting to see how other parents raise their children and what works for them. Unorthodox and very happy.


6. I built a Lego mosaic of my face and you can too

If you like me spent afternoons in Woolworth, clambering into the photo booth with your friends. This was of course way before digital and I am so so grateful for the numerous strips of photos in our history. These days the tech is a little more well, tech--- the Lego store in London now have a mosaic making Photo Booth in store for customers to try for £99. A photo for your face is taken and is used as an instructional guide for you to build your mosaic, which comes with 4502 1x1 sized blocks of lego. What I like most about these mosaic pieces are the precision and how realistic they are. It's hard to believe they're made with Lego. How many of our lovelies can we fit into the booth I wonder?


7. Japanese Students Clean Classrooms To Learn Life Skills

Love this video-- as we're trying to get our kids at home to understand the importance of chores and helping out. Here we see how students in this school in Japan spend 20 minutes a day cleaning their classrooms… and they also have fun with it? Teaching kids that cleaning can be fun fills them up pride and more self confidence in what they do, much like learning through play. It also gives them preparation for life and teaches them to respect the space around them. Watch these sweet little kids learning to look after their school and themselves. Heart melters.


8. Tips on reading to your kids- how you do it will help develop their brain power

Raising successful kids by helping your child read the correct way

We all know the importance of reading to our kids, but does everyone know the importance of how you read to your kids? This article explains how reading to your kids is only the bare minimum and a better approach is to read with your kids. It even compares reading to your kids no better than sitting them in from of the television. Yikes! That may be a little extreme but the point is asking questions about the narrative to get kids thinking as you go.


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  • Rhona Mcduff: April 25, 2017

    Just to say thanks so much for these Curious Parenting posts, I look forward to reading them every time! You manage to compile the best articles in my opinion. I love the combination of funny and informative. Keeps me going when I am running low on energy like right now while I am breastfeeding in the night!

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