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Meet The Child Prodigies of Today

posted on August 08 2017

We often worry about the world our children and our children's children will grow up in. But when you watch these child prodigy's who were asked to put together video applications to get into the highly selective MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Summer Programme you kind of feel like they got this. 

Jasper is a tech head and has learned tons of programming languages. He also teaches tech to kids as he wants to pass on his skills to the younger generations. Wow.

Katie has been ticking things off her bucket list for years, but her latest one is to be accepted into MIT. With her kick-ass resume we want you to know there's a job for you here at LCB Katie! (Because who needs to spell entrepreneur when you've got spellcheck?)

This 14 year old has two businesses, codes and flys helicopters. What?? Can you remember what you were doing at 14. I know I was no where near the level these kids are at! 

Some of these videos are incredibly creative. This one from Anna (above) uses stop motion. It's also the first time she's ever worked with stop motion so the quality and execution are super impressive!

You can watch many more of these videos on Youtube and see how the kids of the future are already shaping how we live and learn. You'll be inspired, the future is looking bright. 

We have some amazing products to help your little scientist, engineer or artist get the most out of their passion: 

Art supplies by Djeco to help kids learn Electric dough kit for kids to learn about science rosie the engineer for inspire young girls and boys

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