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How to throw a Baby Shower - A Practical Guide

posted on August 12 2017

How to through an amazing baby shower

LCB Baby Shower Gift Guide

If you've never been to a baby shower you've probably seen them on TV (What to expect when your expecting?) and know they are a gift giving party for the new mother to be which includes baby centred games and lots and lots of cake! There are a couple of different kinds of cakes adorable ones like this nice ones or bold and funny cakes like this, whatever your style-- we aren't judging. 

Whether you blindfold your guests and have them taste test the baby food. Or you might play guess the sex of the baby. The event becomes a real rite of passage. A special day with friends and family welcoming this big change in your life. Honestly it will become a day you remember forever.

I remember so dearly opening up the cutest softest fluffiest newborn outfit and looking at it in awe-- how could a baby be this small?! My baby?

So if you have a friend who is pregnant make sure to throw her a baby shower. She will be so grateful. I am so grateful to my gorgeous friends.

It's easy 1) invite family and friends to a cosy living room somewhere. If your house is too small a plush hotel lobby works wonders. 2) plan a few baby shower activities to break the ice and keep the attention on the new mum and baby to be 3) take care of said cake mentioned above and 4) take lots of pictures and 5) open presents!

The name baby shower is a pretty new term but the celebration of welcoming a child into the world goes back as far as ancient Egypt. They didn't hold the celebrations we have today but they did have rituals associated with pregnancy like the seven sets of outfits are prepared by the mother's parents, the soon to be grandparents. The modern baby shower started in the USA after WWII most likely due to the baby boomer era and has now caught on over here in the UK.


We've created a gift guide of great presents for all mothers to be, sweet and tender gifts, give them something more unique and memorable than the usual nappies and baby grows! 


Books are great for babies and mothers. There are a lot of benefits for reading to unborn babies including that its a great way to bond. 

Books for baby:

guide to pregnancy  my mum book for babies rebel girl stories for mother and baby


Soft Toys

Ok, maybe a little obvious but what's so cute about plush animals is how they bring a little innocence into the home. They'll make a baby room feel a little more like a baby room. And give the mother a sense of peace and calm when they are nesting.

Cute cuddles:

owl soft toy for baby shower  tutu duck toy for baby shower  s



So this is a biggie, all mothers to be need to sleep while the can. So spoiling them with some comfortable blankets and cushions will be greatly appreciated! 

Get some shut eye:

half moo  cushion baby shower gift blanket for mums to be!  baby blanket for baby shower


Baby bags

A changing bag will be a mothers handbag, make up bag and a place to keep essentials for probably the next three years of their lives. So make sure to get a really cool one and she will love you for it. 

Bling up your baby bag: 

petit pan changing bag cactus pouch baby shower gift meri meri grid tote


Light boxes

How about counting down the days to your baby arrives with a stylish light box! Not only good for counting down but it also doubles as a cute way to announce your babies birth and the passing of months! They grow so quickly, it's nice to plant the seed of taking photos every week or ever month to document these first few months in style.

Light up your life:

light box for baby anouncment light box for baby announcement light box for baby announcement


Stress relievers 

This is a great gift for moms and dads. Especially during labour when they can really take their mind of things. Go on have a laugh!

Release the stress:

stress reliever snake  magic poo stress reliever






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