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Introduce them to Art from Day One

posted on November 29 2017

New Products by the Amazing Nathalie Lete Just In

Life isn't Mickey Mouse, it's not the Minions or Frozen or Top Model.. life is full of colour, ideas and a million different ways to see the world. What happens when we limit the stories and ideas our children are exposed to, this inevitably limits their thinking. That's why it is so important to introduce children to art from day one. Show them many ways of seeing the world, from colours, to shapes to stories... illustrators, designers and artists have such a big role to play in helping us raise open-minded, open-hearted little citizens of the future. 

For this reason and many other we adore Nathalie Lete. Her palette of colours is rich and textured and subjects are nostalgic and tug at our heartstrings of memory and love. Her new toys are out of this world. Have a look here. And bring something home that you will treasure forever, while influencing a little one to see beauty in pluralism.  


French Artists Nathalie Lete's New Toys for sale at Little Citizens BoutiqueFrench Artist Nathalie Lete New Arrivals Toys that are beautiful art pieces


1. Giant Tin Watercolour Set, £14.50 2. Five in one classic board games including Chess, Checkers, Ludo.. in this handsome chest, £39. 3. Nesting art boxes lovely and perfect for organising supplies, £28 

4. Spinning Tops in vibrant designs  5.  Musical boxes, play them at different speeds to affect the tune, it's totally mesmerising, £14.50 7. Get ready for the show with this puppet trifold theatre, £145 8. We love the tray and spoons in this Chinese tin tea set in valise, £36.

Read our exclusive interview with Nathalie here.

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