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Is sharing Vacay photos on social media a form of boasting?

posted on August 01 2018

Me and Zulema in Greece on one of our favourite holidays

 Zulema and me on one of our favourite holidays in Skiathos, Greece. Not really an amazing photo to anyone else but us!

A friend recently laid down this statement flat. People who share vacation photos on social media are boasting. Big fat period. I nodded my head in anticipated agreement but then I realised, hey I share vacation photos. Plus I also love seeing my friend's vacation photos. 

In the days that followed I started to second guess my posting and wonder whether we all have different opinions on what is okay and what is just plain showing off. I know some people hate selfies and others abhor food photos, but what's the general gist, what's the collective really think? What are the rules?

Recently it feels like lots of friends are retreating from Facebook. Maybe too many over sharers shooing people away? An online rant published on by my friend Eric Olsen, captures in angry genius the onslought of vacation photos. He called it, "Hiding from my kids in the bathroom and scrolling through Instagram while the rest of the world summers like it's their fucking job." He hilariously captures the zeitgeist, we're all thinking it: how much sharing is too much?

If there was a code of conduct you would like people to adhere to on social media what would that be? According to Conde Naste Traveller, there are rules which they write out in detail in their article, "How Not to Be Annoying Online". Their rule DO Post Great Photos is admittedly a good one because as they wisely say, Great photography conquers all. But when they say DON'T tweet about fabulous meals, I disagree. Food deserves a selfie too!

My rule tends to be-- if I am annoyed by someone's posts online it's probably telling me more about me than them. After all, I can always unfollow or defriend, problem solved. What about the Peeping Toms of the world, you hardly know they are there because they social media without a trace. But they are watching and sometimes, judging? I definitely prefer an active comment to a like and sharing vacay photos as opposed to not sharing. Ultimately I think it brings us all closer together. #nojudgement

Especially, if you have moved or people you love have moved, social media is a way of staying in touch with those who live far away. And it has completely changed the way we interrelate. Before SM you never had an acquaintance tell you what you were up to at the weekend, because they saw it on your husband's feed.

Being in touch even while not being in touch, its a new kind of 21st century. 

But I am curious am I the only one who likes seeing their friends vacation photos? 

Is sharing Vacation Photos on Facebook boastful?

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