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It takes a whole village... to raise a child

posted on September 28 2018

We want to be a part of your village. Your metaphorical African proverb. Your local toy store. Where you come to be inspired, share advise, discover an arsenal of toys and tools to help raise your Little Citizens. We scour the planet to find the best ideas in play, stories and makers to help you build your strength and make amazing family memories. The stuff that becomes the foundation that our children's lives are based on. 

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

And we don't mean just family in the traditional sense, so many of ours aren't quite traditional, they might be scattered about or not really fit for purpose and that's okay because all of life has something to teach us. It takes a village is about recognising that learning opportunities come from everywhere and in that way choosing what you bring into your inner circle. Becoming a seeker, building an arsenal of role models, tethering yourself to what you believe makes us feel human.

Your child might be influenced by every single experience they have, that's not something that we can control but you can help them shape their filter of understanding. Think of the things that are important to you, to transmit and have an opinion on. Mix a little of you and a little of them while they grow their own strong roots and become their own little people. Encourage their exploration within themselves and outside of themselves too. It's like launching little rockets into the world. Let's make our village real, inspired, deep, awakened, creative, progressive, life affirming and sustainable. You are welcome in our village. 


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