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You'll never guess what happened when we filmed kids with our toys

posted on November 23 2016

What we learned from the kids at Rinkadink

In a great big loft on the East side of town, the sun was streaming in and a few lucky toys like the awesome Croc found themselves in the middle of a great big white room. But when the doors opened and the kids arrived, they ran straight over to the toys and together --the toys and the kids-- made each other very happy.

Snapping away documenting these magical moments, were the very clever women who run this fabulous space called Rinkadink. Rinkadink Studio is a specialist children’s photography studio.

I love the way Lindsay and Janine get on their hands and knees to play with the kids and totally understand what makes them tick. Their talent shines right through in these amazing pictures, don't you think?

Recently we were lucky enough to work with the talented women and Rinkadink Studio, Look what happened when we filmed kids playing with toys from Little Citizens Boutique! One thing is true, kids have so much to teach us.

Once we had all the pictures and reviewed the video, this little story sort of revealed itself to us. We realised just by observing the little ones how much we can learn from them. Patience, fun, love, joy, testing, trialling and never giving up.

I mean take never giving up--- what if we had the same determination kids have when they are learning to walk, they fall down, they get up. Experts say toddlers fall 102 times a day. When's the last time you as an adult had a fall? SO why aren't we trying to improve ourselves at the same rate as children. If we tried standing on each other's shoulders everyday enough times to fall a hundred times? Then well we would be walking on each other's shoulders if we could sustain that same brilliance well into adulthood! 

Little Citizens Boutique photographs of kids at play with the best toys available online.


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