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The Cutest Pink Baby Gifts for Newborn Girls and Boys

posted on August 12 2017


Welcome a little girl into the world with black or leopard print or whatever your favourite style is.

Because at Little Citizens colours don't have sex, you can read about our ideas on gender neutral toys in an article we wrote called What if Boys Love Dolls here.

What's most important is choosing something that you love and raising little Citizens to be open minded through lots and lots of love. 

The joy a little one brings into the world eclipses everything else, like when the lady I had seen for years in the post office spoke her first words to me to ask about my baby. New life connects us all, enjoy the journey while you shop our edits for adorable ways to say welcome little one. 

Pink gifts for newborn baby girls and boys!

1. Baby Blanket Boussaina Parme by Petit Pan - £26

This gorgeous blanket from Petit Pan has an original pattern and is quilted which makes it super cosy as a mat and blanket for newborns.

2. Cat Soft Toy Puppet by DouDou - £18

As baby's eyes develop one of the best ways to play with them is using puppets. They love the movement of hands, it's amazing to watch as they can focus farther and for longer. This sweet DouDou can serve as a comforter in the meantime. We love a two for--- 1. puppet and 2. comforter. Genius.

3. Wooden Safari Puzzle by Tobar - £3

Another great learn and play for babies is our little jigsaw puzzle. Teaches motor skills and how to problem solve from an early age. These are safe from six months. 

4. Pink 4oz Baby Bottle by Life Factory - £16.50

This bottle has thermal-shock resistant borosilicate glass which allows these bottles to go from and to temperature extremes without breaking. Think of all the times you will have it in the steriliser and the refrigerator. Rest assured with this safe and smart design.

5. Dwarf Dolls of the Rainbow by Grimms - £6.50

These dolls are safe from birth and have a beautiful and simple texture that babies and little ones seem to love. The hard thing is having to pick which colour.

6. Jolie Pas Beaux - Soft Ball by Moulin Roty - £7

Great for hand eye co-ordination which is great to introduce around 6 months when babies can begin rolling the ball back and forth. Play your first game of catch by rolling the ball to them, you will be amazed how quickly they learn. 

7. Llama Family Postcard by Tara Lily - £1

Want to help someone celebrate overseas? This postcard is perfect to show relatives or friends all over the world you are thinking about them and their new bundle of joy. 

8. Sun Pom Pom Hanging Mobile Greeting Card by Meri Meri - £4

We love this card. One it's cute but two it doubles up as an adorable little wall hanging for a babies room. What a great way to say welcome!! Make a card last longer and keep it around to bring in some cheer. 

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