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A PhD in Toy Pianos from Julliard

posted on November 13 2016

Tiny toy pianos are meant to be played, and Margaret Leng Tan has proof. Margaret says, "poor tools require better skills”.

Margaret Leng Tan is the first woman to graduate with a doctorate from Juilliard and the first toy piano virtuoso. She has played her toy pianos around the world, including concerts at Carnegie Hall and New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

This talented musician is a classical artist known for her work as a professional toy pianist, she has loved getting a beautiful sound from this very lovely instrument. Other unconventional instruments she plays are toy drums, soy sauce dishes, and cat-food cans.

Margaret, a Singapore citizen, started taking music lessons at the age of 6 and now resides in New York City where she has collected 18 toy pianos. Watch her explain her love for these little toys and how she's able to get great sound out of these.

It's never too early to introduce your little one the to the magic of music, and toy pianos are a great way to do so. Take some inspiration from Margaret, and see what sounds you and your little one can create on a tiny piano.

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