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This Christmas Test, Measure and Build - Toys for Little Builders

posted on December 14 2017

Build & Test this Christmas

Children are born curious and with a desire to figure out the world, they're constantly looking around trying to make sense of what they see. They might lift objects and let them fall just to measure weight and cause and effect. Teaching them that the creative process is all about finding your way back from dead ends is one of the greatest lessons. When you try something that doesn't work, you learn that's not the path. Take a deep breath and try a different way to approach the problem. Resilience is the best thing you can help your child tap into. My mom used to say life is like climbing a mountain and when you fall, you have to get up, put your backpack back on 

Here's a selection of toys that helps encourage measuring, testing, building and creativity. We hope you like it.


Best Toys for Building, Construction and Educational Learning Play

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