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Top 30 Christmas Toy Ideas for 2017

posted on November 06 2017


At Little Citizens we put together an Elf-Approved Top 30 List. Toys that promise to engage a child's imagination, expose them to some of the best ideas in play from around the world. Read our Guide below...

Top 30 Chirstmas Toys Elf-Approved Ideas in Play from Little Citizens Boutique

When you are shopping this season ask yourself these questions. We find them helpful when we are bring in new brands to the store, I hope you find them helpful too. 
Will they play with it more than once?
Will it stand the test of time?
Does it appeal to different age groups?
Can it be played with in more ways than one?
Does it make your heart go boom, boom, boom?

Our advice is don't be easily persuaded by big name brands and mainstream toys, many are fads that while quite delightful have a short shelf live. Not just because their playability doesn't outlast the excitement but also because they are generally toys that break easily or are hard to keep track of with little bits getting lost. 

Children need more than anything tools to help them build the world as they see it. They are practicing ideas as they play, coming up with outlandish and silly ways of interpreting our everyday lives. It's what makes childhood so magical. And if there is anyway to hold onto this as we grow old, we must try. 

But the world of instant gratification that we live in conditions us quite early on to be entertained, followers. This is not healthy for our development as problem solvers, as leaders and idea generators. The latest studies tell us that children need to break through their boredom barrier and enter the world of their imagination. You can read more about these fascinating studies here in The Atlantic. This ability to break through boredom which a great indicator of resiliency is the single biggest indicator of a child's success in the future, isn't that incredible? It's not their test scores, how many activities they do or even the sports they excel in. It's how they learn to deal with boredom or life's little challenges.

It's up to families to create space where it's safe and encouraged to break through those moments of not knowing what to do. Don't jump to find them something to do. Instead pull out a toy like the Tegu Magnets or Magna Tiles or the Vilac Farm Truck and get a few figurines out and start building stories together. Soon they will initiate this kind of play on their own.

With a little help from adults they will start to engage at the deepest level. Start by telling them stories, figurative play, like where is something hiding, what if this little character was his father climbing up the rainbow? Build imaginary spaces. It's a hard place for adults to get into, that's why these toys can be such help. 

And get excited because aside from the overdose of commercialism that this season brings, it also brings families together and more free time than usual. Cherish that time, get down on your hands and knees and play. You'll be making forever memories.

And if we can help, don't hesitate to ask us for advice. Contact us with the child's name, age, likes and dislikes and we will respond with a few great ideas! 

Happy shopping friends!

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