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Twelve of our Favourite Fashion Brands for Grown Ups

posted on August 31 2017

Where do moms shop?

Let's talk about it guys. 

We love to discover new designs in clothes, because we are huge admirers of style. What you wear goes a long way to how you feel. Plus choosing and combining can be fun and an expression of who are.

So much high street fashion seems to scratch a quick itch but as we get older (and wiser) time is at a premium and generally we want the pillars of our wardrobe to stand the test of time and trends. The genius definition of capsule collection right? A handful of essential items of clothing that are truly you and easy to update. Plus they need to be cool, edgy, feminine, wild, unique... and the material and cut that's super important too. Discerning moms at the ready.

We're on the hunt -not just for our kids- but also for us! Of course: us!  

Suddenly the idea of writing our favourite fashion brands down, compiling and curating them for our readers seemed really, really appealing. Too often we allow ourselves to reach for what's easy, does shopping at Tesco's while picking up a pint of milk ring a bell?

There are so many amazing designers and now more easily accessible than ever with great websites and Insta accounts... we would be foolish not to share this amazing mined pool of talent with our lovely readers. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 

We'd love to know what you think? Let's start a convo because-- Yes! From time to time we like to talk about clothes. 

Any delish brands we're missing? 

Below we are sharing our favourite 12 Stylish Brands that we can only hope help us on our path to our own individual 'lewk'. Because...

‘Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever.’ – Coco Chanel


1. Pop & Suki

Started by best friends Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse Pop & Suki is a customisable accessories business. Leave your friend a message on their bag! Love the pill box purses and their flair with millennial pink, truly inspiring.



2. Pepin NY

Being huge fans of Lauren Moffat's brand -one of my all time favourite dresses is by Lauren- we followed her career to Pepin NY. Here she collaborates with an equally talented Rob Pepin and the easy-going artisanal details are sumptuous and cool. 


3. Jackie Smith

This brand is the champion of the so super cute accessories all the way from Buenos Aires. Perfect stand out bags and shoes that add a little oomph to any outfit, playtime even when you feel like wearing your PJs. Currently lusting after their new Tennis Shoes and always bowled over by their new bag designs each new one crazy funkier cool than the last.

Handbags by Jackie Smith recommended by the folks at Little CitizensJackie Smith Handbags recommended by the folks at Little Citizens


4. Mara Hoffman

The best swimwear brand. Hands down. We love Mara Hoffman and visit her site even when not shopping or desiring wispy silhouettes and fabulous prints. Her imagery is so powerful And oh my word her Instagram for inspiration of truly female aesthetics. Channel your inner goddess. Oh. Yes. 

Mara Hoffman one of Little Citizens Favourite Brands Mara Hoffman Favourite Brand of Little Citizens Boutique


5. Hatch

I admit to have shopped here even when not pregnant. This brand is one of my favourites. Hatch it's pitched as clothes that will last before, during and after pregnancy. And it really does in quite a simple way. Silhouettes are comfortable while staying elegant and feminine. In our shopping cart right now are some of their trousers. Yum-my.

Hatch one of Little Citizens favourite Fashion Brands



6. Bona Drag 

Imagine you are in a forest. Found trinkets are dangling from string tied to branches, beautiful souls are everywhere. Your favourite humans are saying I do to each other and you are celebrating with all your heart. Luckily for you, you Witchy woman who will cast a good spell on the new life of the ones you love, you shopped at Bona Drag. Because these are the outfits of the spirit, especially their buckle your knees jewellery. 

 Bona Drag fashion brand highly recommended by Little Citizens Boutique

Bona Drag brand recommended by Little Citizens Boutique 



7. Built by Wendy

I used to lived around the corner from one of her stores in NY and it always felt like a gift and privilege. Carefully cut simple clothes with individual fabulous style. Wendy is someone who's taste I trust implicitly. She started by making guitar straps for Sonic Youth and opened up popups before they were a thing in downtown NYC record stores. Stores are now closed but thank goodness she's back selling online, NY cool available now to everyone around the world. 

Built by Wendy one of Little Citizens favourite brands

Built By Wendy one of Little Citizens favourite brand



8. Monki

It may be the little sister of H&M and the also fabulous & Other Stories but Monki is special. Humorous, young, insouciance, daring, at times, even OTT. At entry level a cute tee or accessory or a metallic coat. Too much? I implore you to look at the genius ways they combine outfits. It's the perfect mix of high low and we love it. 


9. Soeur

While shopping for my daughter I came across Soeur they girl's line was so good more moms than me were trying to squeeze into it. So they started a ladies line. Seductress aristo playwright this one is for you.

Soeur fashion brand loved by Little Citizens


10. Maje

When you mean business, the simple well cut look of Maje will say more than a pair of shoulder pads ever could. Love their jackets and dresses especially. 

Maje favourite brand of Little Citizens Boutique


11. Tucker

If there's one blouse everyone could use in their wardrobe, it's a Tucker. Gaby Basora worked as costume design and stylist, she made and wore elegant stretch silk flowy blouses that looked comfortable and elegant and everyone who saw her wanted one. So she launched a company. Then came skirts and dresses in equally perennial seductive styles. One such dress has lasted me over 16 years. I've never tired of it, in fact I get ever-joy every spring and summer when I get to wear it.

Tucker brand loved by Little Citizens

Tucker loved by Little Citizens


12. Other Stories

Surprisingly great selection of dresses and cute accessories that rise above the highstreet as they surpass the season both in quality and style. And we love that new items are coming out all the time, so you can dip in and out looking for when inspiration might strike.

& Other Stories recommended by Little Citizens


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  • Mags Dwight-Evans: September 11, 2017

    Love this! I have been so busy ferrying my kids from place to place, I haven’t discovered a new designer since I don’t know when. 1999? So thank you. Kids are asking for rides I have to go now but I just want to shop!

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