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We love Trumpette socks for babies because they double as shoes. The designs are so cute. Jon Stevenson is the fabulous mind behind the now famous Mary Jane baby socks.

Jon started his own range of unique luxury children's clothing after adopting his son, Nicky. He started by designing romper suits for Nicky and everybody commented on how lovely his daughters outfits were..! This inspired Jon to design a romper with just "BOY" written across the front, a move which was to become the start of the tongue in cheek signature style of the Trumpette that we know and love today. In true Trumpette style, Jon's next move was to create "Perfect little Dozen" pack of 12 uniquely designed baby socks, and since then, Jon has continued designing socks that broke the monotonous industry standard of “cute”.

Still going strong and building a bigger and better line of high end baby socks, gifts and apparel, our dedicated customers can now find Trumpette products in department stores such as Nordstroms and Bloomingdales, and high end boutiques all around the world.


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