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Allison Jacket - Blush, Pink & Copper


£29.50 £68.00


Show me a woman who doesn't want this biker style jacket in their size. Check out the detailing along the zipper and in the sleeves. This little number will make you swoon. Knit in the most gorgeous and wearable colours with a touch of copper thread that gives it a dash of sparkle. 100 % merino means you can trust it will last and keep you warm. This is a great layering piece, perfect with a scarf when you're ready to say Sayonara to winter bulk!

100% Merino Wool

Made with love in Peru 

ABOUT the designers

Yannina is from Peru and Sven is Belgian, they're married and have two girls 4 and 6, who each speak four languages. The make up of their family was a natural path to develop a business between the two countries. Yannina grew up in Arequipa where there is a long textile tradition. And Sven was excited to do something with the excellent craftsmanship and the quality of the raw material in Peru. Together they now run Aymara. (named after the people of Peru and Bolivia.) They design and manufacture their designs and own their own factory in Peru, where all their clothes are made. To look at their designs is to know they've accomplished something really special. That amazing quality that seamlessly straddles the styling from Belgium and the culture of natural fibres from Peru. Aymara has a unique global quality and it is absolutely beautiful. 

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