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Breba Jewellery Kit

Omm Design

sold out

Interlock and weave and you get cool bracelets and necklaces. This DIY jewellery is ace. Fun to make and fun to wear! These little clever flowers are hooked into each other like a daisy chain and become necklaces, bracelets, headbands, belts, wrapping decorations, or to brighten up plain vases or pots and the best bit - they can be reused over and over again!  

Each pack contains 100 flowers in 13 different colors.

Not suitable for children under 4 years due to small parts.


ABOUT the designer

Omm Design are a Swedish company. They are makers of a unique collection of design items and distributors of design brands from all over the world.

Breba have graced and amazed children since the 1970s. This classic is manufactured now, as it was then, in Germany, in just the same way, in the same factory.


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