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Big Box Of Art Supplies by Djeco



This Art Supplies Set by Djeco is a big box full of tools and colours. Perfect to compliment learning and inspire art and creativity in little ones. Basically the size of small laptop, we love how you can carry around your supplies, keep them tidy and bring them along on life's adventures. Imagine heading into the forest to capture the Blue Bells in the Spring. 

Plus the outside of the box is designed so that you can colour it in and make it your own.

Included are 18 colouring pencils, 16 felt tips, 18 wax crayons, 14 pastals, 16 water colour paint blocks, two paintbrushes, two drawing pencils, one pencil sharpener and one rubber. 

Case measures 36cm (14 inches) x 25cm (10 inches) x 4cm (1.6 inches)

Recommended for ages 8 +


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