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Tegu Skyhook Magnetic Building Open Ended Toy



Beautifully packaged in a sturdy presentation box, Tegu Skyhook wooden blocks bring an old "click clack" classic back to life. By safely embedding magnets into each piece, Tegu Blocks become curiously attractive for both kids and kids at heart. 

Put your fear of following the rules aside and build what you want to, from these fantastically durable, naturally safe and toxin free building bricks (or use the included inspiration manual if you need a little help!)

In its natural form, Skyhook wants-in on the action. When duty calls on the ground, Skyhook has four wheels and is ready to roll. Take Skyhook through the sky, along tunnels, under sofas, or anywhere you dream to go!

We love the idea of keeping these and passing them down to the next generation, as they are built to last.

Tegu support a child's development over time through play: enhanced fine motor skills, pattern recognition, balance, sense of scale, imaginative play, problem solving, storytelling.

Fully Compatible with ALL other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Sets. See our other listings for wheels and smaller sets.

Includes 17 pieces in 10 shapes: 2 Short Planks, 3 Triangles, 2 Cubes, 1 Parallelogram, 1 Rescue Plug, 1 Skyhook Nose, 1 Skyhook Tail, 1 Stunt Team Character, 4 Wheels, and 1 Propeller; Inspiration Manual

 Naturally safe: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish, no small parts

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