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Watch something GOOD - AnorakTV

posted on October 14 2015

Scroll down for eight minutes of viewing pleasure...

Can I watch...? Seems to be the refrain of late at my house. To be fair these are the busiest months for us as we're already in top secret talks with Santa's workshop... so I hate to say it but I am so busy that I find my daughter gravitating more and more towards screen time. When I suddenly realise the house has gone quiet and I can hear the repeat music of Peppa Pig or Mouk or her new favourite Horrid Henry, I sometimes chase her around the house, to get the iPad off of her and set up some toys so that she starts to play. It's only five minutes in and she's away again into her little world of inventions and role playing. There is nothing I love more than watching her play. Still watching a show every once in a while is a great way to rest on a Sunday morning or late afternoon, so I am always on the hunt for good shows. When you scratch the surface there are so many creative animations out there that feel a little more educational than your bog standard fare.

Like Anorak TV which has a big focus on illustrators and their imaginary worlds. We are huge fans of Anorak publications, Zulema loves hearing about Dot's mischievous adventures and we love Anorak TV. Make sure to subscribe below --watch it, love it, pass it on-- and in the comments let us know what fun videos you like to watch.

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