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We discover the secret to perfectly developed children and family/work life balance. Well no not really. We just have a good time trying and making friends.

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  • MEET the DESIGNER Bethany Koby of Tech Will Save Us STEAM toys

    MEET the DESIGNER - Bethany Koby of Tech Will Save Us

    Introducing Bethany Koby co-founder of the coolest new tech toy company Tech Will Save Us. There aren't that many tech toys on the market really but it's a booming space or about to go kaboom. Everyone wants a piece of...

    posted on March 08 2017

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Boris Gratini of Nailmatic

    Introducing Boris Gratini of Nailmatic who we had the pleasure of interviewing for our Meet the Designer series. Name: Boris GRATINI  Age: 43  Marital status: Civil Union   Where are you from?   I am from a small town in France called...

    posted on September 23 2016

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  • Petites Pattes MEET the DESIGNER exclusive interview with Win Saikayasit

    MEET the DESIGNER - Win Saikayasit of Petites Pattes

      Introducing Win Saikayasit of Petites Pattes.    We had the pleasure of interviewing Win as part of our MEET the DESIGNER series. Where are you from? Thailand Where are you based? Stoke Newington. Describe your neighbourhood? A cute village in...

    posted on August 25 2016

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  • Interview with Lynsey Burns founder of fashionable and practical Baby Changing Bag brand Cub Bag

    MEET the DESIGNER Lynsey Burns of Cub Bag

     Introducing Lynsey Burns and her new range of super practical AND stylish Baby Changing Bags--Cub Bag. We love the boho hipness of this sling plus it's super utilitarian. Which totally appeals to our low maintenance parenting style. We had the pleasure...

    posted on May 01 2016

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Céline Vanden Broecke of Play & Go

      Céline Vanden Broecke Age 35 years, married with kids Camiel (4) & Colette Puystiens (2) Where are you from? Belgium Where are you based? Belgium – Koksijde at sea Describe your neighbourhood? Seaside living How do you see the world...

    posted on August 01 2015

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - House of Clouds

        Designers behind HOUSE OF CLOUDS Gemma Lawon (35) and Angela Puentes (34)   Name and age of your children I'm married and have two daughters Esme (4) and Naomi (2), yes terrible 2! A: I'm married too and...

    posted on November 27 2014

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Ingela Arrhenius

    An exclusive interview with Swedish graphic designer Ingela Arrhenius. Known for her iconic children's interiors, fun, kitsch and retro illustrations bring a great graphical quality to children's rooms and baby nurseries.   MEET the DESIGNER Ingela P Arrhenius, 47,Married with two sons,...

    posted on April 05 2014

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  • Designers who are moms

    It's hard to believe that these prolific designers have much time left in their day after designing amazing wares like this, this, this AND this! Meanwhile they are also all mothers to some very lucky kids (can you imagine the colouring in session...

    posted on March 27 2014

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Nathalie Lete

    What do Tim Burton, Charlotte Gainsbourg and the boss at Laduree all have in common? They own a Nathalie Lete rug. This painter's work has a contagious cheerful nostalgia, Lete's sophisticated palette let's you into her own glamorous and enchanting world,...

    posted on November 07 2013

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Hilda Yim of Siaomimi

    Hilda Yim, 42   Marital status Married   Name and number of children Charisse, Curtis    Where are you based? Hong Kong   Where are you from? Hong Kong   How did the idea for your business come about? I had...

    posted on August 15 2013

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Yannina Esquivias of Aymara

      Colourful quality knits like this can only come of one thing, this is a truly inspired collaboration between the husband and wife team behind Aymara. Half Belgian and half Peruvian it brings together the best of both cultures. Name...

    posted on May 18 2013

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Kayce Hughes

      Designer and mother Kayce Hughes juggles her children and women's clothing line along with her seven children. Reagan 19, Charlotte 17, Sophie 15, Owen 13, Clare 11, Audrey 9 and Olivia 7. She says, "Yes we have seven, yes I...

    posted on January 14 2013

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  • MEET the DESIGNER - Hello Shiso

    We'd like to introduce you to Mimi Tsang the creative behind Hello Shiso's fabulous accessories for mother's and daughters. "I have yet to meet a kid who wants to accessorize in greys and beiges!" Introducing Mimi Tsang of Hello Shiso...

    posted on October 26 2012

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