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MEET the DESIGNER - Céline Vanden Broecke of Play & Go

posted on August 01 2015


Céline Vanden Broecke

Age 35 years, married with kids Camiel (4) & Colette Puystiens (2)

Where are you from? Belgium

Where are you based? Belgium – Koksijde at sea

Describe your neighbourhood? Seaside living

How do you see the world changing around you? What trends are you noticing?

Gadgets, apps to make life more easy! Problem is everybody or most of the people live in a race! So the solutions is to buy time to make things easier.

How did the idea for your business come about? 

The combination of my kids & LEGO!

What were some of your biggest challenges in starting your business?

Worldwide distribution

What’s innovative about what you do? In terms of your craft, design or sourcing?

The connection with my worldwide suppliers and cultures!

How do you get the word out to get more fans?

Blogs and TV

What’s the best compliment you have ever been paid?

You’re always ZEN

Managing a business and having a family is a lot of work, what’s your secret for staying organised?

Working hard & staying organised, as mentioned I really depend on tools that make life easier! For example the Play&Go – I always tidied toys up before as mum but now the kids are motivated to help because they love the product so much.

What’s the best part of being your own boss?


How do you feel about motherhood?

It’s Rock&Roll

How have you changed since you became a parent?


What is unique about designing for children?

Getting into the mind of the kids! Mind shifting and getting feedback from the kids.

What are your future plans for your business / designs?

Working with some great designers – exclusive patterns!

What is your favourite smell?


What’s your most treasured possession?

My view of the sea!

Where do you find inspiration?

Travelling India, Asia, ….

How do you relax?


What single thing would improve the quality of your life immensely?

Make a day 36Hrs!

What is something you have thought of which really should exist but it doesn’t yet?

That is the box of Pandora and will never tell, it's a secret! 

Recommend a piece of art that everyone should see because it can change your life: 

Northern Light in Spitsbergen! Natural art and amazing



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