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World's Best Footballer Makes a Toy

posted on October 06 2015

When we came across Lionel Messi's new Foot Bubbles we knew we had to get them. I love, love, love this product-- the bubbles don't pop! And the kids are over the moon. At a barbecue this weekend I watched -I kid you not- two hours of play with these. First a simple game of Keepy Uppy and everyone got involved, mums, dads and grandads. It was hilarious and I definitely think that the best games are the ones that bring everyone together---and them when the grown ups moved onto the grub the kid's set up goals and tried scoring on each other. The only thing that didn't work was the head butting but they rolled around laughing at their efforts.

For the first time ever Lionel Messi endorses a child's product around play and we love him for it. I am sure there is a whole lot more money and perks to be made around Coca-Cola and Range Rovers but this was a decision based on heart.

Okay so we're a little bias, I am a HUGE fan of Argentine football. Can you blame me? I am half Argentine and if you have ever watched them play you know they pour their heart and soul into the game. You also know they are one of the only teams that repeatedly cries during the anthems. Passionate. 

Shop for these here.


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