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How to play with kids - 13 Toys That Will Have You On Your Hands & Knees in No Time

posted on October 05 2015

I love making these towers mummy. I said why do you like building so much? Because you like it and I like it when you play with me mummy. It was one of the aha moments. She's constantly tugging at my elbow to play with her and when I do it's oh my goodness SOO rewarding. But I have to admit it is so hard to switch channels, from work to play, from cooking, laundry and tidying to dressing dolls and putting them to sleep. It's like a slow motion grind and sometimes it just seems easier to put the act of play off. In a little while honey, I just need to finish loading the dishwasher. Gag, boring, dull, die.

Part of what we do at Little Citizens is look the world over for the best toys that make this transition easier. Not even so much for kids because they are born perfect, living in the moment, easily engaged with the imaginary world-- but us parents. Yup we need inspiration. And this toy edit will surely get you in the mood. Our advice to mummies and daddies everywhere, keep on hand a few games and toys that you really enjoy, I know it sounds daft but great toys inspire family time. 


13 Bestselling Toys for Christmas this Year

1. Make Your Own Bouncy Ball Kit, £13 (USD$19) | 2. Solid Coloured Magna Tiles, £45 (USD$68) | 3. Sensory Tactile Loto Farm Game, £28 (USD$42) | 4. A Puzzle That Makes Sounds, £25 (USD$37.50)| 5. Leo the Dragon Giant Puzzle, £16 (USD$24) | 6. A Beautiful Rendition of the Classic Ludo Board Game, £16 (USD$24) | 7. Build Your Own Animal with these Totem Cubes, £18.50 (USD$27.50)| 8. Our Favourite Toy Doll on the Market, her name is Clarisse, £39 (USD$60) | 9. Make Origami Boxes Kit, £6 (USD$) | 10. Animals & Their Moroccan Hats Wooden Puzzle, £13 (USD$19) | 11. Golfy Marble Game £28 (USD$42) | 12. Push Along Wooden Twirly Walk, £32 (USD$48) | 13. Monster Live Loto Monskiri Game, £4.50 (USD$7) ** dollar prices are an approximation** 

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