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First day of Kindergarten filmed with a GoPro!

posted on August 27 2015

Awww what a cool school. Imagine your first day of kindergarten there is a guy blowing gigantic bubbles on the lawn. And your principle looks geek chic cool as he's on his knees high fiving you hello! Check out the parents with the cameras snapping away. All for us to see on the world's first Kindergarten-cam. Do I sense a trend here?

Now curious parents can watch what happens on their kid's first day. This little girl Adrianna strapped a Go Pro to her chest on her first day of school. (Warning, it's a tear jerker with a very sentimental sound track.) I can't help think-- what an interesting idea. Sure it's promoting a school and kudos to their smart marketing team. But as parents don't we want to know what happens when we're not around.

Would you volunteer your kid to film their first day? No matter how curious I am I don't think so. I sometimes ask my daughter is she wouldn't mind please stop growing. She laughs of course as we both know that would be impossible. Another joke we play is how I would like to shrink small enough to fit in her pocket to go with her on her daily adventures. That's just alternate universe posturing because in real life, I blow up with sure bitter sweet but nonetheless pride that my daughter is her own little person.  


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