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Special delivery for our customers

posted on September 10 2015

On Friday a customer called, she wanted to know if we could deliver the Nathalie Lete Wooden Puppet theatre overnight to London? This piece is about six feet wide by five feet tall so to pack it is a little bit of a challenge. Luckily it can be folded slightly smaller. But since it's a plane ride away and Saturday delivery is hardly available, I told her I would ring a few couriers and get back to her. Luckily we found one very dependable courier with a quiveringly tight deadline. Their cut off time for picks ups was only one hour away. 

We love all our customers and I seriously mean that. Still every now and then we get an order from someone who is famous or influential and we are like… seriously. Blushing. We’ve had some super duper customers like Jools Oliver, Jessie Randall, Jasmine Guinness, the founders of Graham & Greene, Amanda Anka (Justin Bateman’s wife), Blake Mycoskie (founder of Toms Shoes), Marissa Bourke (editor of Harpers Bazaar), Jennie Hancock from Burberry and the list goes on. (not much longer I am sure but I’m probably forgetting someone)

So on this particular day we had one hour to fulfil an order for someone who I have to say I asmire SO much. Sarah Burton is the Creative Director at Alexander MacQueen, she’s been credited with designing Kate Middletown’s wedding dress. Sure you probably know that but her dresses (sigh) are other worldy gorgeous cool and we’re so flattered that out of everywhere in the world, she chose to come to us. Thank you Ms Burton.

And thank YOU. We’re truly and deeply so honoured that you like what we’re selling. Without our customers, big and small, far and wide, private and public, without your support we wouldn’t be here. So trust us to go the extra mile to help, to make a recommendation, source the perfect gift, banter about parenting skills, rant about schools and our kids, research the hell out of studies that bring us insight into this labyrinth of life. 

Our desire is to create a bit of a movement towards delight, creativity and imagination. We're grateful you're coming along for the ride.

So with little time to waste, me and Martina the Italian intern who is amazing— she’s gorgeous inside and out -- we pulled out supplies and started wrapping. Team work was essential, you hold this--I'll tape that Refrigerator sized boxes, thirty meters of bubble wrap and reams of tape and we were nearly finished. BUT and this was a big but, the customer wanted the item gift wrapped as it was going straight to the lucky birthday girl. So we hmm's and ha'd, how can we make this really special? When it occurred to us to use some of Djeco’s marvellous wall stickers on the wrapping paper. This set of Princess Adoree stickers by the incredible illustrator Charlotte Gastaut has the most vivid colours, deep pinks, emeralds and glimmering blues, birds and trees. The delivery man arrived and we were applying the label. Finished in the nick of time. Pfeu and proud. 

Would love to hear what you think? A little girl's dream gift, right?



Here's what the sticker pack looks like:



And here are the stickers on a wall:






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