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The only toy my kids played with everyday for six years

posted on August 25 2015

We are delighted to welcome Magna Tiles into the Little Citizens toy collection. Known as "the only toy my kids played with everyday for six year". Yea right? Yes. It's true. According to parents everywhere. Including this one (me) who was amazed over the weekend watching her little girl and friend come up with all kinds of complex shapes and forms.

One super tall tower stayed up overnight and the next morning when my daughter knocked it to the ground she got a huge rush but couldn't wait to build it back up again. Her friend's mum texted to say she couldn't wait to come over and build something together again. I loved watching their enthusiasm as they worked on something together. They were really collaborating like an architect and engineer would. Um, well I like to think so anyway. And so does the lovely Bee over at the amazing Hello Bee blog. Look at this sweet picture of her son and his tower. LOVE.

"To say that we love Magnatiles is an understatement. It has improved both Charlie and Olive’s fine motor and building skills. It’s taught them to share and play together (when Olive was younger she just used to knock all of Charlie’s towers down). It’s taught Charlie about geometry, pattern recognition, logic, and math, which is going to come in handy when he takes his gifted and talented test this weekend! It keeps them playing happily and independently every day while we cook. And it’s just fun!"


Sure a lot of people recoil at the price, they aren't cheap nearly £1 per tile and they hardly ever, ever go on sale. But by all accounts although there are imitators, none compare to the quality of the Magna Tiles. And here's a tip, if you're not yet on our e-mail list make sure to subscribe because we often send out special offers up to 25 to 30% off storewide ;-) shhh! don't tell anyone.

Shop our Magna Tiles range here.

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