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Complementing Science & Math Learning with Play Dough!

posted on January 25 2017

Science and Maths are quantitative subjects. The foundation needs to be really solid so that you can build on it. Sometimes intuitive learners try to feel it out rather than drill it in. If you aren't a memorising type of learner, then Science and Maths can become quite difficult in their most advanced form. So how do you drill the foundation into little one's to give the best advantage later on? A big part of it is through practical applications or learning by doing. That's why we are loving our new brand Tech Will Save Us so much. Their toys are so cleverly made that they encourage little ones and in this case a big one to discover new things like electrical circuits and simple programming loops. 

I certainly feel like I skipped a couple of lessons and hurried past some important foundations so I was really snookered when it came to trying to make sense of how elements. I am determined to expose arty kids to STEM, because technology could certainly use a little art!

Tech Will Save Us makes an Electric Dough Kit that teaches kids how to use the dough to conduct electricity. You can add lights and sounds to your play dough creation. Just follow the simple to use instructions in this kit. All you need is dough which you can buy here. Or else you can make at home with the enclosed recipe. 

It comes with a baterry pack, you'll need to add 4 AA's, a bundle of crocodile leads and jumper wires, a buzzer, two tit switches, 10 red LEDs and 10 green ones. Recommended for kids 4 and up.

Electric Dough Kit by Tech Will Save UsDjeco Play dough for sale to play with Tech Will Save Us Electric Play Dough KitMake Your Own Dough with the Electric Dough Kit by Tech Will Save UsLearn about Electrical Circuits with the Electric Dough Kit by Tech Will Save Us

Add lights and buzzers to make your plasticine and play dough creations come to life!

Click here for a few ideas of what you can make.

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